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Nilgai Hunting in South Texas !!!

Nilgai Antelope also known as Blue Bulls were first introduced to Texas in 1930 and again in 1941 onto the Norias Division of The King Ranch.
From this relatively small stocking the Nilgai have flourished and now occupy most ranches along the Gulf Coast from Baffin Bay to Brownsville.  There are now estimated to be more than 150,000 Free Roaming Nilgai on Texas ranch lands.

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Look At this Nice Mature Blue Bull !!
Mike Powell Allseasons Guide Service, Nice Mature Bull !!

      Nilgai are very challenging to hunt.
Their keen eyesight and  uncanny sense of approaching danger,
make them very difficult to approach.
Nilgai are native to India and Pakistan and are the second  largest member of the antelope family and mature bulls can weigh 600 to 850 lbs and should not be taken lightly.
They have a thick elastic hide that covers there neck and chest area that’s up to one inch thick which offers them protection in severe territory and breeding battles.
This thick hide also covers up entrance and exit wounds leaving little or no blood for a blood trail which makes tracking very difficult.
Nilgai are notorious for taking multiple shots and are extremely difficult to take down.
An average mature bull will have 8 inch horns or better with bases approaching the length.  Horns that measure 9 -11 inches long are exceptional.
Nilgai have a average live span of 20 years in the wild,
this may be one reason they are so smart.
   I would have to say they have a great memory because they act like they have seen everything before.

Nilgai Cows are Great To Eat !!!
Nilgai Bulls Are Huge Animals

Our Nilgai Hunting takes place on over 30,000 acres of private land,
on the Coastal Plains of South Texas.
This area is home to an incredible amount of  free roaming wildlife including Whitetail Deer , Javelina,  Ferral Hogs, Turkeys and Nilgai.
Although we make no guarantees,  other than to do our best to provide you with a memorable hunt we have been 100% successful  on Trophy Nilgai Bulls for the last 15 years.
It is not uncommon to see 100-200 mature Nilgai Bulls in a day,
with lesser bulls and cows numbering in the thousands.
Unlike most neighboring ranches where Nilgai are considered a problem,
this ranch actually manages the herds and continually enhances the property
to attract and maintain healthy herds of Nilgai.
We are able to be selective on the animals harvested and only mature bulls are considered.  When we say we have the best Nilgai Hunting in Texas it’s a fact.
With over 40 sq. miles of free roaming hunting area its just a matter of time,
before we get you in range of a Trophy Nilgai Bull.

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Guided Nilgai Hunts !!
Look At That Huge Bull

    Our typical hunting tactic is to hunt Safari Style from high racked trucks driving slowly into the wind.
Once a potential Bull is spotted  that is unaware of us, the hunt is on foot the rest of the way.
Most stalks are ¼ to ½ a mile some longer and may take up to an hour to get into position.
Most shots will be in the standing position off of shooting sticks at 100-200 yards.
There is no secret in putting these tough animals on the ground one accurate shot at close range is all it takes.
The guides I use and myself are not just guides we are professional hunters we do this for a living because we love it.   We know Nilgai and how to make your hunt successful ,
so that you will come back again and hunt the Blue Bulls OF India.

( Warning Nilgai Hunting Is Terribly Addictive)

Hunting success greatly increases when the hunter is familiar with his or her rifle.
I suggest that you practice off of adjustable tripod shooting sticks.
Especially if you have never shot from them before. We will supply and carry a pair on the hunt.
Guides are particular and are accustomed to using there own while guiding customers,
so there is no need to bring yours on the trip.
Most shots will be from a standing position due to the tall grass and brush but,
there are times a knelling shot will present itself so practice both positions.
Remember there are no shooting benches out here so don’t practice on one.
We suggest a minimum  caliber of a .300 magnum and larger is better.
We will provide at no cost a .338 Win Magnum or .375 H&H Magnum to use on the hunt if needed.
Well built bullets are also necessary and the bigger the better.
Nilgai have a lot of mass and it takes a heavy well constructed bullet to get deep penetration.

If you decide to hunt with us in the upcoming season please look at the Booking Procedures page on the web-site.
It will go over everything in detail.
If you have any questions or want to talk hunting, please feel free to give me a call anytime.
My cell is 361-920-2825
Ask about our Cast & Blast trips!
One day of Nilgai Hunting and one day of Fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish out of Port Mansfield.

Trophy Nilgai Bull Hunt  $2550
Nilgai Cow Hunt $1400

Two Day Hunt:   Because of the large amount of Trophy Nilgai and our hunting tactics the hunt will rarely take more than one day.   Although hunts are scheduled for two day just in case we need an extra day for unforeseen problems.  The hunt is fully guided with a field lunch and drinks provided during the day. 
Transportation of your cape and horns to our taxidermist is also provided.

Extras: Due to the large size of these animals skinning, quartering is an additional charge.
Bulls $120
Cows $90
There are no accommodations on the ranch and we suggest and stay at the La Quinta Inn in Raymondville Texas.

We have over 40 SQ. Miles of Hunting Land

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Your Nilgai Hunting List

Texas Hunting License or Nonresident Exotic License $48
A .300 Magnum rifle or larger
Ammunition: All Bullets need to Nosler Partitions, Barnes X, Swift A-Frames, Winchester Fail Safe, Trophy Bonded Bear Claw or Equivalent Bullets.
This means DO NOT show up with Light Jacked Bullets Intended for Whitetail Deer.
Ask your sporting Goods Dealer for Ammo Loaded with controlled expansion Bullets,
Intended for Large Thick Skinned Game.

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